Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pillows & Pancakes (

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Kathy Vogt said...

Pillows & Pancakes seems to have a nice site but I has only gotten 2 hits in a year from it. Does this mean that the site isn't marketed well?

Anonymous said...

I have not gotten 1 hit from Pillows and Pancakes. We purchased our B & B early last year and was assured by Pillows and Pancakes that I would get reservations or at least hits. To date NOT!!
Will not be using this site again a waste of our monies.

Anonymous said...

Pillows and Pancakes has helped my B&B out so much. It took awhile for us to get what it is they are doing. As soon as we understood it, it was the BEST monies we ever spent.

We are customers for life.