Saturday, October 14, 2006

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Happy Innkeeper said...

I only have a free listing (no link). Periodically I receive an email saying I have to renew my directory entry with a suggestion to upgrade. But, they are sending it to an email I don't ever use myself, but have listed on a directory so I can see where an email is coming from. So the only way they could have gotten that email was to have harvested it from the internet. While I'm not inundated like some other spammers, it is an annoyance and I'll probably just filter them to my spam folder.

Tog said...

Hello Richard and Jan,

I am pleased to confirm that a1touristguide does not harvest information. The only way anyone can get into our system is by completing an order form for a paid listing or registering for a free listing. I can only surmise that you mistakenly used an email address reserved for another web site, or that someone else entered the registration on your behalf.

Best regards

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