Thursday, April 13, 2006

Posting guidelines - PLEASE READ FIRST

With the increasing number of online directories, it's becoming harder and harder for innkeepers to determine which ones would work best for them. Hopefully we can help each other with this blog. In conjunction with this blog, another source to use is Bed and Breakfast Guidebook Reviews which rates directories from a user's point of view.

To find postings or comments about a particular directory you can browse or use the 'SEARCH BLOG' at the top of the web page.

Here are some initial guidelines to consider for your posts:
  1. Be honest and fair when commenting about a directory. Remember, other innkeepers may be using these reviews to determine where to spend their hard earned money.
  2. Please do not post a review of a directory unless you have direct experience with them.
  3. If you have a comment about past performance of a directory (good or bad) please tell us what the timeframe was.
  4. Items you might consider commenting on are:
    • Effectiveness in providing clickthrus and bookings.
    • Ease of setup and updating of information
    • Responsiveness of directory owner to questions and problems
    • Other benefits a directory provides (e.g., specials, recipes, maps; availability link: etc.)
    • Drawbacks of a directory (this will of course be your opinion as your drawback may be someone else's benefit.)
  5. Indicate what region of the country your inn is located as some directories perform better in different regions of the country.
  6. When reporting a problem or bad experience, please try and limit your comments to the facts. As innkeepers we all know the effect of a bad review by a disgruntled guest or competitor. As this blog is unmoderated, I leave it up to the community to police itself.
If anyone has any other comments or suggestions, please post them.

This is an unmoderated blog at this point.'s hoping we all learn from this blog.


Sandra and Bill said...

Based on a presentation at the PAII conference, it will also avail the innkeeper if you add a signature element to your posts including a link to your website. I am beginning the process of adding links to this blog from my INNSTAR.COM pages.

Bill Wayne
Cottage on the Knoll at Cedarcroft Farm B&B
INNSTAR B&B Guide Reviews

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the candid reviews. There seems to be a sea of directories where B&B owners can spend their advertising dollars. It's nice to read which ones have worked (or not) for other inn owners.

Susan Wooten
The 1897 Iron Gate Inn B&B
Cedar City, UT