Sunday, October 15, 2006

Small Elegant Hotels (

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Anonymous said...

I joined when they first started, they promised me the exclusive territory of Nashville and Franklin. I suspected it was too good to be true that I would keep the exclusive on Nashville but they did promise. Then they allowed a 100 room chain all suites motel become the exclusive Nashville property and called them as that property was neither small nor elegant! They don’t care, they said, big properties, big money.

Then they allowed a B&B in another town to list as the exclusive in MY town! I called again, suggested they break up into categories of lodging and confirm exactly which town a property actually resided in.

They don’t care about service, they are all about the money.

They sent the rep to visit me too about the “book”. The rep claimed to be a travel writer but was just a salesperson. The book was terrible, more like a trashy travel magazine you get at a roadside tourist center. And they allow anybody to be in.

SEH is not exclusive, it does not honor its promises, I have no accountable reservations from it in 3 years. Not worth the $$$ and they actually do more to diminish the word elegant than enhance it.