Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Best Romantic Inns (www.bestromanticinns.com)

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Clark Hinson said...

My one year free listing is due for renewal. According to my site tracker, this site referred 7 visitors to my site (which likely resulted in 0 bookings) since March (about 5 months). Do you think an upgraded listing would work better or is this site just too much off the beaten path for someone to find? It also may not be the site for me since I don't have a historic B&B and it doesn't fit the "romantic" sterotype. Is the listing worth it just for the search engines? Any suggestions?

Happy Innkeeper said...

Clark, on a discussion group I'm on most people say they do not receive many click-thrus from this site although there is one bed and breakfast that says the directory is one of their best referring sites. Of course 'most' is probably about 6 people reporting.

Also checkout inntelligent.coms rankings.

One other thing. I do a very high level reality check on directories by taking the number of unique visitors I get to my site in a year and divide by the number of room nights I rent a year. It gives me the average number of unique visitors to generate one booking. It allows me to compare directories and get a gut feel if I'm getting my moneys worth. It's not a 100% accurate but I still think it's good for comparison purposes.

With only 7 clickthrus for almost a half of year, I'd say try some other directories.

By the way, I am not listed on this directory.

clarkhinson said...

Thanks. I know that I never see this site come up in the search engine results based on my keywords so it's probably not "right" for me. I usually enroll in all the free listing offers but my experience has been that free listings do very little.

I understand your logic about listing cost vs room rentals but I'm having quite a time deriving where a guest who books a room actually first found me. I get such vague answers that it's impossible to tell most of the time how they found me.